When Carrie Underwood Is “Drinking Alone,” It’s Not What You Think

Let Carrie Underwood make one thing clear: You can buy her a beer, but you ain’t taking her home. That’s essentially the opening lyric and the entire message of her latest single, “Drinking Alone.” In a recent issue of Billboard Country Update, Underwood explained what the song was and was not about. “It was important… Read more » Continue Reading →

The Keith Urban Concert Medley You’ve Got to See

Keith Urban just delivered a stadium-sized show in Canada, and it lasted less than 15 minutes. During his halftime appearance at the Grey Cup championship game in Calgary on November 24, Urban roared through five of his biggest hits, electrifying the crowd. Embedded from www.youtube.com. “My thing was to keep it ’up’ – predominantly uptempo,”… Read more » Continue Reading →