Digital Rodeo Announces Line-Up for Aug. 4 DRX Showcase – 2015-07-27

Online social network and country lifestyle portal, Digital Rodeo, has announced the artist line-up and guest host for the upcoming DRX Artist Showcase, to be held August 4 at 6:00 p.m. at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill. “American Idol” alum and rising country singer Bucky Covington will host the August showcase, which will feature performances by Allison Bray, Rylie Lynn, Emily Minor, Ben Rue and Denny Strickland. The DRX monthly showcase highlights some of the platform’s most promising Country acts and will help to promote some of the website’s featured independent artists. The live performance will be streamed and can be viewed at

DRX showcases offer valuable opportunities for attendees to enjoy musical performances from up-and-coming acts while engaging and networking with others in the field.

Music industry representatives that RSVP in advance to will be offered a limited number of complimentary drinks during the event.


Bucky Covington
: The rock-influenced Country singer first rose to fame in 2006 as a contestant on the televised talent hunt, “American Idol.” This past month, he released a new EP titled Happy Man, featuring his newest single, “I Feel Ya.” For more information on Bucky Covington, visit his website at

Allison Bray
: Allison is an accomplished vocalist at the young age of 18, who is driven by an incredible passion for music. Her ability to entertain audiences is remarkable and noted at home in Kentucky and the surrounding states. She auditioned for Season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2014. For more information on Allison Bray, visit her website at

Rylie Lynn
: Rylie Lynn’s confident Country style, smooth voice and edgy lyrics show the true potential that she has in becoming one of Country music’s “Leading Ladies.”  Her place on the 2014 Teen Nation Tour gave her original acclaim leading to various shows, and her most recent performance at the 2015 CMA Fest in Nashville, Tenn. For more information on Rylie Lynn, visit her website at

Emily Minor
: In 2007, Emily auditioned for “American Idol,” where she accelerated in the competition and became a Top 50 “Hollywood” contestant. She played more than 40 dates in 2014 and has over 50 dates scheduled in 2015. Most recently, Emily recorded a four-track EP alongside Scott Trayer. For more information on Emily Minor, visit her website at

Ben Rue
: Ben is a 26-year-old, born and raised in Silverton, Ore. He has worked on a family grass seed farm since he was 11 years old with his dad and two older brothers. Recently, he had the opportunity to be part of the first season of “X-Factor,” making it into the Top 80. He now lives in Nashville, Tenn. where he is continuing his dream of being a Country music singer. For more information on Ben Rue, visit his Facebook page.

Denny Strickland
: Denny recently released a new single in February of 2015 titled “Swerve On,” as well as an official video for the track. He has spent much of this year on the road for a radio tour where he has been promoting his new single at Country stations across America. For more information on Denny Strickland, visit his website at


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Cassadee Pope Special Olympics – 2015-07-27

Season 3 The Voice winner Cassadee Pope shines in a white outfit by Gustavo Cadile with shoes by Lust for Life as she premieres her new single “I Am Invincible” to celebrate all the heroes competing at the Special Olympics to a crowd of 70 thousand people.
​The power anthem – written by Brett Boyett and Nash Overstreet and produced by Julian Raymond – declares, “I’m unbreakable, I’m unstoppable, I’m a hero, like a phoenix from the ash.” Very fitting for such a special event.

Cassadee said the first time she heard the song it hit her right in the heart. “I was thinking of all the things I have gone through over the last few years that could have very well influenced me to step away from making music. At the same time, I was reminded of how proud I should be of myself for sticking to my true passion. I have my fans to thank for that with their encouragement, support and really cheering me on at a time of uncertainty. Thinking about all of those emotions really takes this song to another level when I’m performing it and I hope ‘I Am Invincible’ gives others their confidence too.” 

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Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out on Lafayette Shooting – 2015-07-27

Last week there was a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. Two women were killed and nine people were injured. 

In an interview with CountryMusicIsLove, Kentwood, Louisianna native Jamie Lynn Spears shared that she was at a “loss for words” over the tragic shooting.

“It’s so scary, and I hate to say that. You want to feel safe in your community and where you are, but it does make you second guess everything and when it hits that close to home, it’s just a reminder that anything can happen to anyone,” Spears tells us. “It’s just so sad that people are having to go through this.”

John Russell “Rusty” Houser, the gunman in question, fired 20 shots before shooting himself immediately after realizing the police were there and there was no way out.

Spears hopes this won’t happen again and that other won’t try to follow in Houser’s footsteps. “It’s just a reminder of the kind of world that we’re living in. What’s so sad because people see something like this and it gives people ideas.”

Spears said her heart goes out to the deceased and injured’s families. “I’m praying for Louisiana, praying for Lafayette, and praying for the families there and just praying that we can just all come together and become stronger because of this and not let this make us afraid and not let this scare us into not living our lives.”

Fellow Louisianna Native Hunter Hayes felt that the tragedy also hit close to home for him as well. He shared his thoughts on Friday to Twitter. “My heart is broken for my home community in Louisiana,” he wrote. “Such a tragedy. Sending all the prayers and love to everyone back home!”

Written By: Emma Bloom
Content Via: Country Music Is Love 

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