The Garth Brooks Lip Sync Battle

Yes, the CMA’s reigning entertainer of the year Garth Brooks lip-synced his performance of “Ask Me How I Know” during the 51st annual CMA Awards. This happened before an audience of 14.29 million television viewers nationwide. Reporters didn’t ask Brooks directly about his performance during his backstage press conference. He addressed the subject on his… Read more » Continue Reading →

Kelsea Ballerini’s Seven-Move Routine

I’m exhausted from just reading about the workout Kelsea Ballerini does with her personal trainer, Erin Oprea. Oprea create a seven-move routine for Ballerini that includes the lunge pulse, inverted row, one-legged squat, walking plank with push-ups, lateral lunge to curtsy lunge, ankle-weight bottom pulses, and the sounds-easy-but-is-actually-crazy-tough pulse push-ups. As torturous as all seven… Read more » Continue Reading →

Garth Brooks Talks Life After His World Tour

“Sleep. Christmas. Sleep. New Year’s Eve. Sleep.” That’s the official plan for the CMA’s six-time entertainer of the year, Garth Brooks, after his world tour closes on Dec. 16 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Backstage at Wednesday’s (Nov. 8) CMA Awards press conferences Brooks revealed his world tour was originally supposed to be a year-and-a-half. But… Read more » Continue Reading →