Blake Shelton Shares Christmas Plans & Favorite Holiday Memory

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s 2012 Christmas CD, Cheers, It’s Christmas. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

Christmas is less than two weeks away and Blake Shelton is sharing how he and wife Miranda Lambert will spend the holiday. They’ll start off with Miranda’s family in Lindale, Texas and spend Christmas morning opening presents before heading back to Oklahoma – a three hour drive – to spend Christmas day with Blake’s family. They’ll also squeeze in some time for just the two of them.

“Miranda and I normally before will try to have our Christmas just she and I together,” Blake said. “It’s normally a wrapping night where we wrap everybody’s presents or actually I stand there and mix her drinks and watch her wrap everybody’s presents because I can’t wrap worth crap. I like it. I like how we do our thing and I think she does too.”

Blake is also sharing his favorite Christmas memory. It happened last year, the last Christmas he shared with his father who passed away earlier this year.

“The last Christmas I spent with my dad was actually in a hospital room. Everybody had all their Christmases going on and for whatever reason, everybody had been in the hospital room with my dad all day and then people went on to go do their Christmases,” Blake said. “I decided, ‘I’m just gonna stay here with my dad’ and me and my dad sat in that hospital room together and laughed all night. We watched a marathon of Dumbest Stuff on Wheels together on Christmas Eve this past year and man, I wouldn’t trade that time with him for anything. That’s something I’ll never forget.”

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