Florida Georgia Line, Hunter Hayes, Eric Church & More Stars Share Family Christmas Traditions

The stockings are officially hung by the chimney with care, waiting for Santa Claus to make his arrival!  We asked some of your favorite country stars what holiday traditions they carry on in their homes each year and here’s what they had to say:

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Florida Georgia Line:
Brian Kelley:
We always eat, go drive around and look at Christmas lights, and then go to candlelight service. I’m looking forward to me, mom and dad and my sister spending some time together. During the holidays, we like to sit on the couch and watch the Dog Whisperer and catch up on TV shows while drinking coffee. Just hanging out and laying low. I’m really looking forward to that this year.

Tyler Hubbard: We also go to candlelight service and go home and do a Christmas Eve dinner. We open up a few gifts that night. I’ve got a younger sister who just turned 12, so it’s still fun to go to bed early and wait for Santa Claus to come and all that stuff. I look forward to going home this year for Christmas.

Dustin Lynch: My granddad’s favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Growing up the family would get together and watch it. This started a tradition of “Eddie Gifts” for all the sons and grandsons so every Christmas morning we all simultaneously open up our gifts from “Eddie.” It usually is a really obscure, funny object or joke in the movie. I love it!  [Christmas Bonus: Get Dustin's mom's Apple Pie recipe here >>]

Justin Moore: We open presents on Christmas Eve. Some people do, some people don’t. That’s what I did growing up. Then we get our “Santa gifts” Christmas morning. Usually that’s the big gifts. Last year with the kids, we started doing it at our house. It’s funny, the older you get you kind of take on a different role. You go from being a kid that depends on your parents for everything and the older you get and the older they get, you swap roles. We started having them over to our house for everything. They spend the night with us on Christmas Eve, that way they can see the girls open their presents on Christmas morning, so that’s fun.

Eric Church

Eric Church photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Eric Church:We always travel to North Carolina for Christmas. We always do Christmas morning and breakfast up there with my mom and dad. It will be great to bring Boone into that environment. It will be the first time he has really gotten to do that and know that he’s there. I’m just looking forward to having a little time off, coming into next year. Then I need to try and figure out what’s next.

Thomas Rhett: I don’t know what we’re going to do this year, but I have family everywhere. I have family down in Valdosta, Ga., I’ve got family in Knoxville, and I’ve got family in Nashville. I’ve always been a very traveling kid on the holidays. We don’t really have any traditions because I’m always in a different spot every year. We will travel a bunch and spend a few days in Valdosta and spend a few days in Knoxville, but spend a majority of the time in Nashville.

Edens Edge:
Hannah Blaylock:
This will be the first year that my grandfather won’t be reading this, but I’m sure my grandmother will … it will be kind of a ‘Hey Grandpa, we know you’re up there and we love you.’ But we open the bible and we read Jesus’ birth and His story. We have this big, huge Christmas dinner. Then we all sit around and listen to the story before we all open our presents, so that at the forefront of our minds, the true reason for why Christmas was created is more present than the actual gifts, which we’re all thankful for. My grandfather instilled that as our Christmas tradition, and I’ve always really appreciated that. [Christmas Bonus: Get Hannah's mom's Banana Cream Pie recipe here >>]

Hunter Hayes: I get to go back to Louisiana where my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins are with my mom and dad. We just sit around the table, tell our stories and catch up. Because I’m on the road so much it’s so hard to do, so it’s much-needed family time. It’s much appreciated, too. It’s great to see them.

Sarah Darling: One tradition that I love is with my mom and my grandmother. We’ll bake two days before Christmas Eve. We’re just in the kitchen making sugar cookies and fudge together. It’s fun. I love those memories. And also, my great grandmother had a recipe from France that was a special kind of French cookie, and we make so many of them and we hand them out to all our neighbors and friends, so that’s always a tradition, too.

Darius Rucker: We do Christmas together. All the holidays for me mean family time, whether we’re in Charleston with my family or going Jersey or whatever. It’s family time.

Kristy Lee Cook: Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. So much amazing food is cooked, but the best is when my mom does a scavenger hunt with prizes, and we pair up with people in the family and have a huge hunt outside in the woods for clues to find the grand prize! She even buried the prize one year. She puts so much time into it and it’s so much fun. We also, of course, read scriptures out of the bible, and sometimes will do a study of Christmas and what it is truly about. I’m very blessed to have a family that is so strong in their faith, and we all love each other so much!

The Bellamy Brothers:
Howard Bellamy:
We have tropical Christmases because we’re from Florida. We sometimes spend Christmases by the pool, so that’s a little different. We pull grapefruits off our trees and throw them on the tinroof, and tell the kids that was Santa Claus. That would scare the heck out of them!

Sunny Sweeney: We don’t have any Christmas traditions necessarily, but when I was young, my mom and I would go deliver Meals On Wheels to the old people in our town that couldn’t get out or didn’t have any family. It taught me a lot about giving.

Josh Turner

Josh Turner photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Josh Turner: Here in the last couple of years, we’ve tried to make sure what we spend Christmas morning — if not the whole Christmas day — at our house with our boys. We had been in the routine of going either to South Carolina or Georgia, visiting family and spending time with them. As the boys are getting older, we are realizing the importance of spending Christmas at our house. That’s one thing we’ve tried to implement here in the last couple of years. Obviously food is a big part of that and decorating the house and getting into the Christmas spirit, celebrating that holiday for Jesus’ birth, which is why we should all be celebrating it. [Christmas Bonus: Get Josh's mom's recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls >>]

Love And Theft:
Stephen Barker Liles: My four brothers and sisters, we always get matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. We’ll stay the night at my mom’s house, and we’ll open our pajamas. We watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and then we go to bed. We wake up the next morning and we all get each other a present, and we open them in order. I’ll open all my presents at one time, then one of my sisters will open all of hers, then my brother – we move up the line. After we open all our presents my mom makes a big breakfast, and we keep a place setting for Jesus. My parents have done that ever since we were little just to make us realize it isn’t all about Santa Claus and gifts; it’s about Jesus being born.

Eric Gunderson: This year for Christmas I think we’re going to Jamaica, so all of our traditions are going out the window for the year! We wanted to enjoy ourselves and just relax. Christmas will never be the same again. Once we have our baby, I’m sure we will have a lot of new traditions.

LoCash Cowboys:
Chris Lucas:
Day after Thanksgiving, I always put my tree up. This year, my two-year-old son, Caden, got to put the tree up with me and all the ornaments. That will be a new tradition to do with him every year. This year I’m starting a new tradition with egg nog … egg nog every year!

Preston Brust: Every year for Christmas, I go home to Indiana and spend it with my family. We do a little huntin’, do a little sleddin’, do a little eatin’ and do a whole lot of hanging out! [Christmas Bonus: Watch the LocCash Cowboy's Christmas Video, "What Time Is It?" >>]


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