Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Heavily Damaged During Severe Storms

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn photo by Russ Harrington, courtesy of Schmidt Relations.

Loretta Lynn was left with quite the mess following severe storms that ripped through Middle Tennessee in the early morning hours of Wednesday, reports WSMV. Storms leveled parts of her ranch, aptly-titled Hurricane Mills, uprooting hundreds of trees and forcing Loretta to take cover in a closet.

While Loretta has lived on the 6,500-acre ranch for more than 20 years, the ranch is also a tourist attraction. It ranks as the 17th  most-visited attraction in Tennessee and at the time of the storms, three campers were on the property.

“It was intense. I mean, it was intense,” camper Scott Myers said. “We heard it, but there was no time to go anywhere,” added camper Jim Watson. “We just had to ride it out.”

Ranch manager Will Rourke is hoping to get the historic site cleaned up and back in business before the season starts in a few months. “Of course, one of our biggest events is the Grand National Motocross, and we’ll have more than 30,000 people on our property over a two-week period,” he said.

Crews spent much of Thursday clearing debris on the ranch. Estimates could be as much as $100,000 to repair everything damaged during the storms.


SOURCE: http://blog.gactv.com/blog/2013/02/01/loretta-lynns-ranch-heavily-damaged-during-severe-storms/

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