Rascal Flatts Look Forward To Christmas Year-Round

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts photo courtesy of Schmidt Relations.

Rascal Flatts spends much of their year on tour, crisscrossing the country – and sometimes the world – to bring their music to fans. They look forward to Christmas all year long because it gives them the chance to be with their families.

“I think Christmas, for me, has always been about family, as clichéd as that sounds,” Jay DeMarcus said. “You know, it’s a time to reflect on the year and what you’ve been doing and a year for us goes by so quickly because we’re on the road so much and we’ve got so much going on throughout the year.”

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Jay and his wife Alison don’t do big holiday parties or attend other extravagant events. They prefer the simple approach with their two young children.

“It’s always a wonderful time to be able to settle down by the fire, enjoy the Christmas tree and the decorations and just spend time with the ones you love and surround yourself with the people that you don’t get to see enough throughout the year,” he said. “And I can’t wait to spend those couple of weeks solely focused on my family and Christmas time.”

Once the holidays are over, Rascal Flatts will hit the road for the winter leg of their Changed Tour.

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SOURCE: http://blog.gactv.com/blog/2012/12/19/rascal-flatts-look-forward-to-christmas-year-round/

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