Taylor Swift’s Friends Keep Her Grounded

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Label Group.

Much of Taylor Swift’s life is lived in the spotlight, whether she’s performing onstage or going grocery shopping. With the constant attention she receives, she relies on a close-knit group of friends to keep her grounded. To her friends, she’s “just Taylor.”

“My friends don’t treat me like anything different than who I am, which is their friend who goes through things the same way that they do, and vents the same way, gets off of work and calls them and it’s like, ‘We’ve got to get together. I have to tell you about this,’” Taylor said.

Taylor’s friends aren’t all famous or in the entertainment field either. “I have friends that are actresses, friends that are stylists, friends that are in music,” she said. “I have friends that are in college. It’s kind of interesting to experience your life with your friends who are in all different phases of their life and all different professions and it doesn’t really matter what they do with their life.”

Even when Taylor is hanging with some of her more well-known friends (such as actress Selena Gomez), they’re as likely to be discussing the same topics as young women their age who just finished classes or left the office for the day. “We’re probably just gonna talk about boys and feelings anyway,” Taylor admitted.

Taylor is set to perform on Sunday’s GRAMMY Awards where she is also up for three awards including Record of the Year for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” She will launch her RED Tour on March 13.


SOURCE: http://blog.gactv.com/blog/2013/02/08/taylor-swifts-friends-keep-her-grounded/

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