Thomas Rhett Would Love To Write A Song For Adele

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett photo by Justin Nolan Key, courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Thomas Rhett has enjoyed early success as a recording artist with his debut single “Something To Do With My Hands” and his current single, “Beer With Jesus.” He’s also an accomplished songwriter and has cuts by other artists including Jason Aldean who just released “1994,” co-written by Thomas, as his new single. If he could have any artist record a song of his though, it would be Adele.

“If I could pick any artist to write a song for it would have to be an artist that was already an amazing songwriter,” he said. “And when I think of just overall amazing songwriting, for some reason, my mind just goes to Adele. I mean, she has made one of the greatest records of the decade so if I could ever write a song that Adele decided to record, I would feel like I was a pretty awesome songwriter.”

It’s not just Adele’s songwriting Thomas admires. “She just kills everything that she sings,” he said. “So I’d love to be able to write a song with Adele for her to put on her record. It’d be awesome.”

Thomas is currently a special guest on Jason Aldean’s Night Train Tour.


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