Little Big Town’s Tornado Tour Includes Some Surprises

Little Big Town

Little Big Town photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Little Big Town has a few dates of their Tornado Tour under their belt now, including sold out shows in Huntsville, Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee over the weekend. The group has enjoyed watching the crowd react to their set and especially playing tracks from their new album, Tornado, live.

“We’re just getting rolling on the tour, and it’s so exciting so far,” Phillip Sweet said. “It just feels so good to play a lot of songs from the Tornado album and to get to do some really cool production. It’s just amazing to do this and to sell our own ticket. It’s a good feeling.”

“It’s exciting too to watch people in the crowd singing the songs that are on the record, but not on the radio yet,” Kimberly Schlapman added. “They know all the words to the songs that are on the record. That’s just so much fun to watch and hear.”

Fans coming out to a show can expect a few surprises, including a few fan-favorites from the group’s ‘Scattered, Smothered and Covered’ video series. “We’ve got a few little tricks up our sleeve that we’re bringing out new for this tour, some new songs, some things we haven’t done before,” Phillip said. “I really love the moment of ‘On Your Side of the Bed’ with Karen and Jimi – that’s a really special moment in the show. I really love performing that with them.”

“We’re bringing out a little medley of some cover tunes that we do online, and we’ve added a new one to that too, and that’s been a lot of fun,” Jimi Westbrook added. “I think fans have really been responding to that, so that’s a fun little part of the show.”

The Tornado Tour currently features Kacey Musgraves as a special guest. David Nail will join the tour on March 8. Following their Tornado Tour, Little Big Town will join Keith Urban on the road this summer.



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